Dust Bags ES82

In stock

Genuine Electrolux
Dust Bags
Suitable for
Vacuum Cleaners

Z2250A Powerlite
Z2252 Powerlite
Z2255 Powerlite
Z2255A Powerlite
Z2255BZ Powerlite
Z2256AZ Powerlite
Z2270 The Boss
Z2271 The Boss
Z2272 The Boss
Z2273 The Boss
Z2274 The Boss
Z2275 The Boss
Z2276 The Boss
Z2278 The Boss
Z2901 Hilight
Z2905 Hilight
Z2910 Hilight
Z2910AV Hilight
Z2911 Hilight
Z2911DZ Highlight
Z2952A Enviro Vac

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